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TCAX 的简单介绍 (英文) [复制链接]



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Before we start, we need to know something related to TCAX.

Terms Glossary

Karaoke Effect (From Aegisub manual)

Karaoke is (amateur) singing along to a song, usually a version of the song with the main vocals removed. When singing karaoke the lyrics to the song are usually presented on a TV screen and highlighted as they are to be sung. In subtitling however, karaoke usually refers to those lyrics themselves. The karaoke effect refers to the way they are highlighted. So, a karaoke effect is a visual effect synchronised with a song, used to help singing karaoke. Reality has it that karaoke effects in the fan subtitling community today are used more for "eye candy" and showoff than the real purpose of karaoke subtitles, assisting the viewer sing along to the song. Karaoke FX is short for karaoke effects, ASS FX and TCAS FX can both be used to make karaoke effects.


Files that can hold karaoke FX. You can find more about ASS on the following links, while TCAS is a new file format for doing subtitle things. I will post the specification of TCAS later.
ASS File Format Specification
ASS Tags (On Aegisub manual)

TCC File

TCC file is a plain text file which holds the configuration of a specific TCAX karaoke FX project. You can find more about TCC file on the following link.
TCC File Format Specification

SYL File

SYL file is a file that contains the syllable information of karaoke lines as well as the lines' timings, one of the most commonly used SYL file type is the k-timed ASS file. You can find more about SYL file on the following link.
SYL File Format Specification

tcaxPy script

tcaxPy scripts are plain text files with the extension .py, their contents follow the syntax of python, and generally they share some common structures. Roughly speaking, tcaxPy scripts equal to the target karaoke FX.

Font file

Font file extensions may be .ttc (TrueType Collection), .ttf (TrueType Font) or .otf (OpenType Font), etc. The font can either be installed or not.

TCAX FX project

Everything needed to make a subtitle FX by TCAX, usually contains one TCC file, one SYL file, one Font file and several tcaxPy scripts. One of the most common TCAX FX projects is TCAX karaoke FX project. In the latter, we will simply use project for short in case that there is no ambiguity.

There are also some other types of files contained in a project, most of them are just generated automatically and hold some information you may not care about.

The RIXE Project

The RIXE project is aimed to help us make awesome karaoke FX in a relatively easy way. It is evident that built-in karaoke FX are very limited, we cannot modify (or say, configure) them freely, hence hard to create karaoke FX as we want. In order to break the wall, we need scripting, which gives us more freedom. To make a bridge, it has something in common with the automation of Aegisub, which is another cool tool for doing karaoke things.

The RIXE project contains many sub projects. The major one is called TCAX, which is a toolkit with a console interface and some other components for executing tcaxPy scripts to generate the target karaoke FX (ASS files and also TCAS files)

The TCAX Project

The TCAX project can be regarded as the minimal set of the RIXE project.

To see how TCAX works, please refer to this thread.

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这帖子也没什么看的必要, 否则肯定会写个中文版的..

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雅萱 发表于 2012-11-17 22:36

这东西无所谓的, 去看中文教程吧, 还有视频教程

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